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RAW Butter/Milky Baltic Amber Bracelet For Adults

RAW Butter/Milky Amber Bracelet For Adults 1

Lenght: ~ 17 cm (6.68 in) Elastic (Stretch)

                  Stones size: ~0,5 x 0.9cm (0.2 - 0.4in)

                  Weight: 5g

  • Elastic bracelet (Stretch bracelet)
  • Unique design
  • Made from high-quality Baltic Amber
  • Handmade
  • Made in Latvia
  • All size

The colors of amber may vary slightly to photo. 

Amber Store jewelry pieces are completely handmade by the most gifted artisans with the finest hand-cut gemstones. Each piece is unique and cannot be exactly duplicated, so if you see a piece that fascinates you, please be sure not to miss it. There is nothing more special than wearing a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Read more about baltic amber!

How & Why it Works:

When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin.

Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of succinic acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. succinic acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways.

Baltic Amber Benefits:

  • Pain Relief - Baltic amber contains analgesic properties and helps with many types of discomfort associated with dental issues, headaches, joint pain, etc.
  • Strengthens the body's immune system - In many different and subtle ways, succinic acid helps boost the body's own natural healing ability and immune system.

  • Restoring Energy -- The human body naturally produces succinic acid.  The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is one of the most active substances in the processes of cellular respiration and intercellular energy creation.  Succinic acid restores oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells and helps the body return to a normal, functioning state.
  • Maintaining Wellness - When the human body reacts to stress, the body’s cells begin to use oxygen more quickly. Oxygen plays a central role in the intercellular creation of energy, and a lack of oxygen can result in feeling lethargic.  Oxygen is alkaline-forming in the blood and maintaining a slightly alkaline blood ph helps keep us healthy. Whenever the body functions in a state of low oxygen, it is much more susceptible to illness.
  • To help break a cycle of (chronic) inflammation - Where chronic inflammation is present, disease lurks.  When the body’s cells are chronically inflamed the human body’s immune system response is to increase production of free radicals. Chronic overproduction of free radicals results in inflammatory-related disease. Chronic inflammation is a common denominator of many seemingly unrelated diseases.
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